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The World of Dracology

By Ralph Brocklebank

It all started towards the end of the last World War, in a West Country school (not unlike our Heraldry Society) when a group of boys and girls began debating whether Dragons, Unicorns, Centaurs and so on were based on real experiences or were just figments of undisciplined imagination. One of them suggested that the subject deserved serious study (but not too solemn, as there was some fun to be had), and so the College of Dracology was formed with members undertaking to look into different aspects of the theme.

At the end of the school year we all dispersed, and I thought that some kind of Newsletter could report our findings and keep us in touch. The first few issues were all prepared and taken to a handy printer (who did our parish magazine as well as the local weekly newspaper), and he undertook to have blocks made for the illustrations and to set up the text in type, as there were no photocopiers or desk-top printing machines in those days.

Then family misfortune intervened, we had to move from Wiltshire to Sussex, and when at last I got back to the printer, he claimed that everything had been lost "in the fire," and the College became somewhat dormant (unlike the Heraldry Society, which at this time re-formed and has since flourished).

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